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All About Gardens


Essex based Garden Maintenance and Grave Care Company formed in 2005

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The successful owners of “Essex Gardening” Ken and John, are thought to be Essex’s best-loved gardeners.

To date, their clients are very happy with the speedy way they conduct their gardening.

All-About-Gardens provide a wide range of services to meet your garden maintenance requirements, whether it is regular garden maintenance, bringing a neglected garden back into shape or a ‘one-off job’ e.g. grass cutting when you are just too busy, unwell or on holiday etc.

All-About-Gardens can take care of it all - below are a few examples of the services offered:




Driveways, Patios, Ponds and Pools


Grave Care

Lawn Care

Grass Cutting

Tree and Shrub Planting


Hedge Trimming

Border Maintenance

Bedding Plants

Hanging Baskets



Compost-area Construction

Weed-killer application

Leaf Clearing

Tree Cutting

Low Maintenance Gardens

Rubbish Removal

Weed-killer application

Patio Cleaning

Patio Furniture Treatment

Shed Treatment/Painting


Pool and Pond Maintenance

Pool Close-down/start-up

Ph testing

Grass Cutting

Edge Clipping



Gravel washing

Litter Removal

Watering and Feeding

Planting of Bulbs, Plants and Shrubs

Cleaning Vases

All-About-Gardens will employ the skills, services and experiences of local trades people for work beyond garden maintenance e.g. landscapers, arbor-culturists, builders, patio and driveway specialist to maintain the high standards expected.

The Service you can expect:

All-About-Gardens will supply all their own equipment.

  • will clear all rubbish from site.
  • will act professionally at all times.
  • will respect clients properties.
  • will be punctual, polite and trustworthy.


“It’s your garden -

you tell us what you want us to do”



Swimming Pool Maintenance

We can supply pool maintenance on a regular or irregular basis e.g. weekly, monthly or annually.

Pond Maintenance

We can look after you pond when you are home or away, testing Ph levels, checking filtration system, etc.

Also advice on a totally “natural” pond


Grave Care – specialising in a Grave and Memorial upkeep service, providing considerate maintenance to your loved ones final resting place.

We provide a high class, sympathetic service whereby we tenderly maintain the grave and the plot, planting seasonal bulbs and plants if required.

We understand that in today’s pressurised lifestyle it can be extremely difficult to find the time needed to tend and maintain the final resting place of your loved ones, so whether you are just too far away, find it difficult to manage the work physically, or you find it too emotional to visit the grave, we can help.

Our service is designed to give peace of mind to family, relatives and friends and starts at just 15 per month to include a digital photograph, which can be posted or emailed.

Visits can be arranged as requested, annually, bi-annually, quarterly or monthly or times to suit you.

Our complete services includes the following:

  • Grass cutting
  • Edge clipping
  • Weeding
  • Pruning
  • Gravel washing
  • Litter removal
  • Watering and feeding
  • Planting of bulbs, plants or shrubs
  • Cleaning of flower vases


We can also arrange a more personal and individual service to include:

Floral tributes placed on special dates e.g. anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

A small posy of fresh flowers and a personal message left after each visit.

Essex Gardening Information


A tip for late March


late march and into early April is best time to start outdoor tomatoes under glass, also late march is the time to plant your first early potatoes plant a couple weeks earlier in south areas and about two weeks later in the north, now is time to trim back heathers and cut back coloured dog woods to help maintain vibrant colours.


Spring is in the air


Spring is in the air and Jon & Ken have been busy preparing gardens for the growing season.


A Happy New Year to you all


Wishing all our customers a very happy new year.


Christmas is nearly here


Sweeping up the leaves, jet washing the drive and making your garden ready for Christmas, John and Ken are here.


Christmas lights


Not just Gardening, Ken & John have been asked to do the Christmas garden display at two houses. Lights, trees and Christmas Novelties.


Winter hanging baskets


Let Ken & John desighn your winter hanging baskets, for a long lasting display until spring.


Sweeeping up the Leaves


If you have some were for the lesves to decompose, this is far better than taking the fallen leaves to the dump. Mulch, from decayed leaves is great for the flower beds in the spring.


Tree Pruning?


With winter fast approaching, Ken & John have been pruning trees, taking branches out and generally finning the trees. This ensures that the trees are less likely to come down in the winter gales.


The big wrap


Ken & John have been wrapping palm trees this week, to protect them from ground frosts and snow during the winter.


Ken, our very own Alan Tichmarsh


Ken impressed our customer in Hatfield Peverel this week, with his wide knoledge of plants and shrubs .


Not just gardening, but Swimming Pools aswell


Ken & John have closed three swimming pools down for the winter season, not just gardeners, but general garden maintenance also.


Ken knows his plants


Ken was planting the boarders of a house in Maldon this week. A rockery has been given a new lease of life, as Ken uses his magic touch.


Another Big Contract


Ken secured the contract today for Priory Court, Hatfield Peverel. The duo take over all gardening chores as from October.


Ken is the new Alan Tichmarsh


One of our customers in Hatfield Peverel said "Ken is like a young Alan Tichmarsh" with his garden knowledge and imaginative ideas.

Garden Maintenance, grass cutting, hedge trimming, grave care, weeding

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